I Got Sucker Punched By An IKEA Chair… and Other Moving Misadventures

18 Aug
August 18, 2014

BvNOfQrCMAAaTEXIt came out of nowhere. POW! I had to think fast. Was I going to pass out? Am I bleeding? As I assembled an IKEA chair to an outdoor patio set, the chair back swung back and hit me smack on the bridge of my nose.

If I was going to pass out, I had to make sure I wouldn’t fall on anything sharp. There were screws and boards all around me.

I didn’t pass out. And my nose wasn’t bleeding either. But I quickly got some ice and wrapped it in a wet paper towel. There was swelling, and it still hurts to touch it.

When moving 2,500 miles away, a few things are bound to go wrong. Getting sucker punched by an IKEA chair is just one of many moving misadventures. Read more →

I Was Looking For Apartments, I Found Creatures!

15 Aug
August 15, 2014

I spent the past couple days looking for apartments all over Tampa. I wish I would have kept track of my mileage because I think it would have been quite impressive!

I visited seven properties in one day… and I can’t remember how many I visited the second day.

Apartment hunting can be boring and even annoying. The advertised price online isn’t usually what the price ends up being… the property doesn’t look like its pictures… there aren’t any units available for months… and on and on.

But my journey throughout the area taught me something new about Tampa. It’s the kind of place where little creatures Read more →

These 6 Photos From The Air Prove Tampa Is Beautiful!

12 Aug
August 12, 2014

Today is the day I moved from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida. I’m starting a new adventure and in a little more than a week I’ll join the news team at WFLA-TV. I’m in a hotel for the next few days while I find a place to live. I’m exploring and it’s exciting!

Flying into Tampa this afternoon, I noticed the ocean and trees. It’s absolutely beautiful! From above it looked like a park. I leaned my head against the window of the plane Read more →

Deadly Rampage In Santa Barbara – Social Media

25 May
May 25, 2014

Here are a few posts from covering the deadly rampage in Santa Barbara, California. A gunman shot and killed three students. He also stabbed three of his friends to death in his apartment. He also injured 13 people, including with his vehicle.


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Journalist Apps Host

02 Feb
February 2, 2014

LindseyMastis_JournalistApps_Mobile_FeaturedI am the founder and host of JournalistApps.com, a free resource for journalists to find smartphone application reviews, watch video tutorials, and get creative ideas for smartphone accessories.

I’m excited to share my knowledge of smartphone applications, social media, and digital technology with my fellow journalists. I came up with the idea while Read more →